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Raphaël Faon lives there trabaja in Paris.  



Propone poner en crisis los sistemas de representación, revealing the construcción de la realidad por medio de un mundo de imágenes en vez de la producción de images de un mundo llamado "  real  ".


Partiendo de archivos, captaciones de flujos mediáticos and objectos manufacturados, sus trabajos privilegian el medio de la fotografía, las instalaciones y los proyectos digitales.


Raphaël Faon is withdrawn from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) and from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS).





2019      Architecture Biennale, Pavillon Horizon 2030 - Grand Paris Express, Versailles.


2018       4th International Biennial of Casablanca (Morocco).

          On the abandoned page vol.2 , a proposal from Editions Extensibles, Au Lieu, Paris.

2017      Attaches , Claire Luna curator, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.


          Volume 1 , Instead, Paris.


          Las Fuerzas del Orden , FILBO, Bogotá (Colombia).


          Travesias Maritimas , Center Pompidou Malaga, Malaga (Spain).


          Crossings , Geraldine Gomez police station, Center Pompidou, Paris.

2016       MAIF Prize for sculpture , Atelier Richelieu, Paris.


          European Night of Museums , Museum of Hunting and Nature, Paris.


          The art of revolt , at the invitation of Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, Center Pompidou, Paris.


          Contemporary art biennial , L'orangerie, Cachan.


2015         Recto / Verso , Vuitton Foundation, Paris.


          Water damage , at the invitation of fleuryfontaine, Shift Visuals, Paris.


2014         Media mediums , curated by Jeff Guess & Gwenola Wagon, YGREC gallery, Paris.

          Where are we now? , at the invitation of the Awiiily collective, off the Marrakech Biennale, L'Blassa, Marrakech (Morocco).

          Alien-nation II , Atelier 31, Paris.

         As we collect sand to make a castle , interface created by fleuryfontaine, Digital Media City, Seoul (South Korea).

2013      Cocktail , Futur en Seine festival, Le Centquatre, Paris.


         Cocktail , Hors-Pistes festival, Center Pompidou, Paris.

         Cocktail , Faces of the world, Cergy Le Haut.

2012        Mille Feuillets II, in partnership with Drawing Now, YGREC gallery, Paris.


     residences and prices


2019       Laureate of the Numériscope project in collaboration with the Centquatre for Greater Paris


          Participation in the Organoid research program at the Institut Pasteur


2018       Participation in the Pulsar Prize


          Take Position , Residence Creation in Progress - Ateliers Médicis, la-Ville-aux-Clercs.

2016      Finalist of the MAIF Prize for sculpture


2019      Art vs. Culture  : critical genealogy of cultural hierarchies , Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC).




2016      The spectrality of the images  : hantology and artistic practice , colloquium of the ghost , University of Paris I.


         Creating adolescents , colloquium Comics, always young  ? organized by the National Library of France, Paris.

2015       The imaginary side of archives , study day Replay, restitution, recreation  : for a typology of the recovery of archives , Archives                                                                                                           Nationals, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine.


2019      "  The transversal lives of superheroes  », Transmediality, Comics and Adaptation , collective,  University Press Blaise Pascal.


2018      "  The imaginary side of the archives  », Archives en Acte , Presses Universitaires de Vincennes.

2017      "  2046  », On the page, Abandoned vol. 2, Extensible Editions.

2015      "  The Impossible of Flash  », Philosophical Implications, online research space.

2014      "  We must defend postmodernity  », Journal Envers n ° 2, Editions Tituli.


          The political spectrum , editions of the mediums media exhibition.


2018       Organization of the workshop The Future Future of Minority Subjects with Antoine Idier, QueerWeek, Villa Vassilieff, Paris.

2016      Participation in the workshop Mapping the postcolonial space , organized by Françoise Vergès, Bétonsalon, Paris.

2011      Participation in the Dysfonctionnements workshop, organized by Pierre Ardouvin, les instants chavirés, Montreuil.

2010      Participation in the workshop Cherchons en corps , organized by ORLAN with Adrien Sina and Guillaume Désanges, ENSAPC, Cergy.

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