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a night to remember

installation,  2013

A night to remember consists of a white and black bathtub, filled with coca-cola which perfumes the room and inside which is placed a model of an iceberg which is reflected in the surface of the black liquid. The installation is lit by the hand shower head transformed into a lamp, and the drain pipes placed under the bathtub is emitted a light sound that evokes the sound of clogged pipes  : it is in fact the recording of the SOS sent by the Titanic, the night of its sinking, April 15, 1912. Close to Moondust , this installation uses the same elements to create a cinematographic atmosphere  : the bathroom furniture, the replica of a natural element, the replacement of water by light in the handshower and the symbolic dimension of coca-cola used as an avatar of melancholy, which with humor recalls the American destination of the Titanic.


Like an enigma, this three-dimensional mental image is also a way of thinking about mourning through many elements that evoke the Titanic, from the evidence of the iceberg, to the shape of the bathtub, through the sound document. hidden, without ever representing it directly. Beyond that, it is like the metaphor for the failure of modernity, unsinkable and yet shipwrecked. The title of the work refers to the eponymous film inspired by the testimonies of survivors, but also refers to the intimate personal history of the bathroom as a place of distress.

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