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installation,  2013

Moondust is an installation that gives shape to a melancholic three-dimensional collage. A lunar crater inspired by mountain models, geological sections and relief maps is modeled in a shower tray  ; the installation is illuminated by the handshower transformed into black light, reflected by phosphorescent dust. From the drain hole a kind of diffuse white noise, barely audible, escapes  : these are recordings of space waves converted into sounds made by NASA machines, mixed with sound documents from the Apollo 11 mission, where man walked for the first time on the moon.


This poetic work in the style of "  the chance meeting of the umbrella and the sewing machine on the dissection table  »Evokes in a cinematographic atmosphere the myth of the conquest of space, linked  to an intimate place, that of the bathroom, which is often associated with purification and solitude  ; here, formal analogies send it back to space, from materials to the elements, the shower bar floating like a satellite, the mixer becoming a lunar base.  The symbolic connotation of black light is linked to melancholy, both as "  black Sun  »Than in its relation with the body, where it is black bile in the theory of humours. This collage, between the intimate and everyday place, and the historical event is a way of thinking how personal stories are ceaselessly crossed by History which comes here to haunt like a specter, thanks to an almost inaudible voice coming from the pipes of he evacuation, all the more so after the decline of the ideologies of space conquest of the Cold War when today many space programs are postponed because of the budgetary restrictions imposed by the economic crisis.

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