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un océan de mémoire

video in synthetic images, 13'19 '', 2018

An Ocean of Memory is a computer generated video that employs fluid simulation algorithms. We were inspired by the navy in art history to produce this representation of the sea which is given as a landscape but in which arise contemporary political questions, generally absent from this pictorial tradition. A hyperrealistic virtual sea sees human figures emerge among the waves which rise up for a moment before returning to their liquid form by collapsing. It is about making visible in a symbolic way the migrants who perished at sea through these ghostly forms, those whose names we do not know, those who are forgotten, invisible. The work is a way of questioning the visibility frameworks of what makes a life, echoing the work of Judith Butler on  the differential perception of lost lives.


This project was designed for the 4th International Biennale of Casablanca (2018).

un océan de mémoire (extrait)

un océan de mémoire (extrait)

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