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prendre position

Residence Creation en cours

- Ateliers Médicis, 2018

Take a Position is a digital sculpture project that articulates a reflection on representations of the body and youth, from the history of art to everyday gestures; in the face of cultural representations, it is a question of becoming sculpture from photographs thanks to digital processes. We have set up the conditions for this experience with children invited to play, replay, thwart conventions stemming from both cultural traditions and social norms, like real performers, partners who come to give the shape of the sculptures produced and their meaning. to our project, between work of the gaze and practice of the incarnation.


This project was developed from January to May 2018 with the students of La Ville-aux-Clercs thanks to the Creation en cours residency program led by the Ateliers Médicis with the support of the Ministère de la culture and that of Education nationale.

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