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please come back

Series of 13 videos, total length 10'13 ", 2014

Please come back is a set of videos we made from a webcam feed capture collection  on an erotic chat site where users are out of focus, absent from the image. On these images of empty places, in still shots reminiscent of the images of surveillance cameras, we have added texts that scroll from bottom to top like on chats, and which repeat the frequent messages of users to those who are not in front. the screen in the hope that they will return, but also lyrics to love songs that beg your loved one to come back.


From these still images, captured and displayed in a sort of vision without a glance by the machines, is born the paradox of a shared intimacy where the place is eroticized by the messages of the users while no body is present, and it results from this absence, a certain melancholy.


              Extract from the series:


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