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organes imaginaires

Set of ten organs, digital drawing,

four views of each organ,

  line and false colors,

100x100cm, 2010-2012.

The imaginary organs were produced using computer-generated image software by diverting its initial function (the creation of three-dimensional objects) to use it as a drawing tool and produce images without depth whose usual triangular facets leave up to an alveolar and cellular structure. Each of these organs is presented from four different angles and in two different modes.  : the printing of the line drawing refers them to the imagination of anatomical engraving, while that in false colors on a black background refers them to contemporary medical imaging of the scanner.


Kinds of organs without a body to succeed the body without organs, it is just as much a question of proposing, by means of these graphic experiments, organic prototypes on the model of design, at a time when the first organic printers manufacture functional elements on measure from cells, and imagine their potential functions, than to critically and openly interrogate medical and scientific imagery.





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