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les forces de l'ordre

Canvas Prints,  

  augmented reality device,

dimension variables, 2017

The project  Les forces de l'ordre (enforcers)  subverts the traditional way of seeing works of art. At first glance, the images in the series tend towards abstraction and seem to lend themselves to formal analysis. However, by putting at a distance the interpretation mechanisms specific to abstract art, an augmented reality device makes the abstract image appear as a detail of a photographic document linked to contemporary political problems.  : the color stains on the printed canvases are in fact in the source image those of the paint that was thrown by demonstrators on the shields of the police, during protest movements in several countries of the world.

In the artistic context, the first perception of painting is the abstract composition, while in the political situation it is a concrete action. These two degrees of perception question two ways of using painting as a medium, from the work of art to the gesture of political protest. By comparing these two images, it is also a question of  to question the silence of abstract art on political questions, by reducing the authority of this type of painting in the art world to that of the police in the social world.

This project was presented on the occasion of the France-Colombia Year at the Bogotá International Book Fair (FILBO 2017), in a pavilion dedicated to the relationship between arts and technologies.

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