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la fabrique des larmes

Etched glass sculpture, 20 x 15 x 10cm,

Digital video, 2min12,

Portfolio of 15 anatomical plates, 2020

La fabrique des larmes is a project made from medical data diverted from their traditional use in order to reconstruct the facial features rather than the internal organs of the cranium, which raises the question of the identity and confidentiality of this data type. Inside this laser-engraved head in a block of glass is a set of basins facing the eyes that characters overflow  : this fictional bathroom scene functions as an etiological story, a visual metaphor to explain the formation of tears. The viewer is invited to lean over the block of glass and move around it to discern it through the different layers that make up the work, the appearance of which is both radiographic and ghostly. The sculpture is accompanied by a portfolio and a video that explore its transparency.


This project was carried out thanks to the Organoïde program , initiated by the Institut Pasteur and Fabrice Hyber, with the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation  ; it is freely inspired by the medical visualization platform in augmented reality DIVA (Data Integration and Visualization in Augmented and Virtual Environments) developed by the research unit "  Bayesian decisions and principles  »Directed by Jean-Baptiste Masson.

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