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Computer Correspondence Program, 2011

Jetlag is a computer program for exchanging images around the world. It offers the possibility of breathing in the current means of telecommunication where speed prevails by proposing the deconstruction of the ordinary, instantaneous mode of appearance of images sent on the internet, engaged in the fault of jet lag which confronts the machine time. time of space to travel, of the surface of the globe. When the project is presented, it displays the correspondences made between the two artists, between Bogotá and Paris, and between Paris and San Francisco.


Jetlag  presents itself to the viewer as an animation displayed on a computer screen generated live by the machine from the images we have sent to ourselves. The images present in the program are not distinctly visible from each other and are mixed by the program which displays composite images in false colors which scroll rapidly and form a hypnotic flow. From the colors of the images is also generated a mosaic of colored pixels which scroll randomly like an encryption pattern. At the time when the images have been placed in the program by the users, the images are decoded at local time also for the recipient.

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