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holy waters

Postcards, 10x15cm, 2014

Holy Waters is a project that we carried out especially for the Marrakech Biennale for the Awiiily collective. The golf courses of Marrakech intended for privileged populations and Western tourists, some of whom also belong to large international hotel groups are exposed through images that are part of the tourist imagination of the city, between image of advertising board and postcard image  ; however, the luxury of these oases, which form so many green enclaves on the aerial views of the arid landscapes in the Moroccan lands, contrasts with the drought which strikes the country and the local populations.


To fight against this aridity which mainly harms crops, the Moroccan government called on all faiths to pray for the rain to fall from the sky on January 10, 2014. Thus the text written in Arabic on these images is verse 28 of sura 42 of the Koran which indicates that rain is a gift from Allah and which means  : "  And it is He who sends down the rain after they have despaired of it, and pours out His mercy. And He is the Master, the Praiseworthy.  "  Indeed, for an international biennial, whose catalogs are moreover written not in Arabic but in French and English only, the paradoxes of the global and the local concerning an unequal distribution of water and the religious explanation of the drought by power  : the neocolonial luxury of some is the divine mercy of others.

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