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Interactive computer program, 2012

GravOrg is a computer interface of composition allowing to produce ORGANIC ENGRAVINGS, hence its title. This project follows on from morceaux choisis and uses the same figures as motifs. The screen appears as a blank page and when the viewer clicks on this page, an anatomical engraving element appears. The user does not choose and does not know which element will appear, nor what will be its dimensions, these choices belonging to the program algorithm. On the other hand, this one can place the elements on the page where it wishes it, save the composition obtained and erase it to form other images.




GravOrg makes it possible to create anatomical landscapes, where contrary to its common use, IT is not used to have more control, but to create accidents, to let possible shapes emerge and in surprise, to get out of certain representations of the body, the organs no longer being assigned to their usual places. This device allows, beyond a deconstruction of the body, to open this organic reverie towards contemporary political issues that  are those of the modification of the body of the romantic Frankenstein to the posthuman avatars which are contemporary to us.



Edition, 50 drawings, 10x15 cm, 2012

GravOrg was exhibited at the YGREC gallery for the Mille Feuillets II exhibition during the  contemporary drawing fair  in partnership with  Drawing Now Paris, in 2012.  There is an edition that presents a selection of drawings made by visitors to the exhibition with the program.


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