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demain les chiens

Video, 6'30 ", 2016.

Inspired by the collection of short stories from  Clifford D. Simak, demain les chiens (original title : city), where men end up leaving the earth and abandoning it to the dogs, we made this video that features a deserted TV news studio, and all of the news parading down the screen are real headlines broadcast in the media following various facts involving dogs.


Demain les chiens proposes to turn these titles into fiction by an accumulation which creates a feeling of disturbing strangeness and by a gradual succession where the dogs seem to organize collectively against the domination of man, and to attack particularly to authority figures, such as the police, which is discussed in most of the news gathered. For us, it is a question, through this revolt of the dogs, of questioning the relations between man and animals as well as the editing processes which transform the meaning of the messages disseminated in the information systems.


                Excerpt from the video:

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