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collective project


Computer program,  

digital performance, 2013

Collaboration between the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy  and  Paris 8 University.


With :  Méryll Ampe, Donatien Aubert, Raphaëlle Bezin, Raphaël Faon, Laetitia Ferrer, fleuryfontaine, Nicolas Gourault,  Jeff Guess, Martina Margini, Won Park, Andres Salgado, Quentin Strauss, Sandra Suarez,  Maï Ueda and Gwenola Wagon


Cocktail  is a virtual environment presented at the Pompidou Center Hors-piste festival in the form of a performance comprising five interface explorers, an editor and two musicians. Users move around in the virtual copy of the exhibition spaces of the Pompidou Center. During the visit, events are triggered, the works liquefy and flood the museum with their colors.



The project was also presented at the Futur-en-Seine festival at the Centquatre and at Faces du monde (Cergy-le-Haut).

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